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¹ Our role in this world is to be partners with G-d in creation. We work with Him to create a better world filled with goodness, justice, wisdom and unity. ² It’s all about ownershipᴮ. As partners, we take responsibility for the direction, sustainability and success of the world we co-create. ³ We take initiative. Proactively seizing opportunities to make the world better. We do not accept the world as it isᶜ, we dream of what it could be — and we do. We are spiritual entrepreneurs. The Torah is our map. Our blueprint, our guide, our game planᴰ. It is the partnership agreement between us and G-d. We turn it over and over because everything is in itᴱ. It speaks the language of tomorrowᶠ.


Bright Spots

Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein is chief rabbi of South Africa and has a PhD in human rights and constitutional law.

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